About us

FSP provides software and services to create secure digital customer and business processes.

We advise with professional, IT and methodological competence and thus create business excellence for financial services companies and industry. 

Our range of services tailored to your needs

  • Technical and procedural advice for the management of digital transformation e.g. Development strategies for digital communication; Design secure digital customer access to a company
  • Insurance-related advice, e.g. In the context of life insurance (inventory migration, actuarial consulting, test)
  • Operational and controlling support for the implementation of projects or IT implementation measures
  • Identification, implementation and implementation of process optimization approaches and efficiency improvement measures
  • Coaching / training / rollout of project management tools such as SixSigma, Lean Management, Agile Trading, Change Management or Customer Experience
  • Identity and access management consulting - from requirements analysis to introduction to operation
  • Product ORG IGA Suite: Efficient and secure authorization management with a focus on B2E and the mapping of the company organization from business roles to fine granular authorizations
  • Product NEVIS Security Suite: Provides solutions for digital access to a company, including context-dependent 2FA, tailored to the security level required
  • Integrated managed services for the integration and operation of NEVIS and ORG among our customers

Product focus and integration

NEVIS is primarily focused on the needs and flexibility of B2C and B2B, with a focus on authentication and customer roles.

The aim is the authentication and reauthentication of an identity to meet the desired and legally required security level. Legally necessary security level. The maximum usability for the end user and compliance with data protection requirements (EU-DSGVO) can be guaranteed.

ORG is primarily focused on the extended requirements of the Enterprise IGA (Governance and Administration), ie B2E, in the combination of RBAC and ABAC functionalities. Employees occupy positions (business roles) and are equipped with roles and rights which must be administrated, applied for and recertified in order to meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Together they cover the complete requirements for authentication and authorization in the B2C, B2B, B2E and IOT area.

Due to the architectural integration and the existing technical interfaces e.g. They complement each other.

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