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Existing partnerships are the foundation for growth and long-term business success. These complementary partners offer regional presence, industry specific know-how, expertise and corresponding products, which our customers benefit from.

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Service partners

Service partners provide, based on the planned use of our IAM product ORG, additional services such as:

  • Consulting
    Consulting partners provide content and services that create and complement the value of ORG. The partners usually establish structures and processes that enable the rapid and successful implementation of ORG.

  • Implementation
    Implementation partners provide trained counselors who implement IAM concepts and methods and integrate ORG into the IT environment of the customer.



Distributors assist FSP with sales activities, which they conduct independently  or act in specific areas or market segments to distribute ORG on their own. Distribution partnerships range from partners that are reimbursed on the basis of recommendation commissions to sign a license agreement between the FSP and the customer, to resellers who sell ORG independently.


Become our Partner

FSP seeks partnerships to meet the growing demand for modern, robust and affordable IAM solutions.

It is worth entering into a partnership with FSP!
FSP is well established in the field of revision-proof authorization management / IAM solutions. Gothaer, ErgoDirekt or Talanx Bancassurance are examples of our business partners, whose references are certainly available for you.

FSP releases its IAM-product on the European market. Therefore partners, working in other sectors than the insurance industry, are especially welcome. Partners may be consulting companies to advise clients in using IAM, integrators which also carry out the implementation of IAM projects and sales organizations.

Advantages for partners
With being our partner, you will benefit from a product that can offer your customers an equal IAM service as large established products do. With increasingly limited budgets, ORG is a proper alternative to existing providers with the same, and sometimes even better functionality. Expand your solving skills and open up a
new revenue stream through the mediation commission and consulting revenue.

What support is provided by FSP?
FSP stands for successful partnerships. Our team of dedicated employees will provide everything needed to render a worthful business relationship for both parties.

The FSP Affiliation includes:
- Training
- Technical Support
- Sales Support
- Marketing Support
- Support for Lead Generation
- Regular communication
- Partner Conferences

How to become a partner
We are seeking partnerships with IT management consulters, systemintegrators, IT service providers, consulting companies and specialized IAM sales organizations.

In selecting our partners we focus on the following criteria:
- customer base
- experience in IAM Consulting
- distribution strength
- presence in sectors and areas in which FSP is not represented
- experience in selling enterprise software
- experience in the implementation of enterprise software
- experience in the sale of standard software.

To learn more about partnering with FSP, please contact us.

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