No one can be expert in all areas.
It is more important to have access to experts in the relevant areas. In addition to a network of freelancers, we work closely with a number of partners.

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NEVIS / AdNovum

Renowned companies and authorities in need of a secure and flexible identity and access management infrastructure trust AdNovum’s tried and tested IAM solution NEVIS. NEVIS sets standards regarding reliable protection of sensitive data, services, identities and applications from internal and external threats. The solution is modular and scalable. NEVIS helps reduce costs thanks to consistent, efficient and fully retraceable identity management processes. Its sophisticated security architecture and open interface concept integrate seamlessly with existing systems and components. This makes it possible to provide cost-effective, secure IT solutions for new business ideas and protect prior investments. 

NEVIS is a registered product of the Swiss software company AdNovum. Since 1988 AdNovum has been specializing in the implementation of tailored business software and security solutions for companies and authorities. AdNovum’s service offerings also include consulting, maintenance and support. Today, over 600 staff in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne, Budapest, Ho Chi Minh City, Lisbon and Singapore serve NEVIS customers around the world.




Nexis is a relatively new entry in the group of providers of IAM solutions and services. Founded in 2009 as an offshoot of the University of Regensburg, the start-up is based on its expertise in the field of IAM, access control and role management, which is part of the scientific field, and integrates this knowledge into specialized products and consultancy services. Nexis Controle is a highly developed product designed specifically for the implementation of clearly defined tasks. Focusing on Role Analytics, Role Mining, and Role Management to provide Identity Intelligence for GRC solutions and access controls, the product provides added value for the ORG Identity Governance & Administration Suite with ease of integration into existing systems.




As an experienced security partner, softScheck secures the entire IT (servers, networks, the entire infrastructure, software and all security measures such as firewalls, VPN, IDS / IPS, encryption, etc.).

The ISO 27034-based 'Security Testing Process' of softScheck GmbH goes far beyond classic penetration testing, ISO 2700x, BSI basic protection, Common Criteria and OWASP SAMM. SoftScheck supports the development of secure software products (apps, firmware, web applications, etc.) and security solutions such as firewalls, encryption and IDS.

The softScheck Security Testing Process ranges from requirements analysis, security strategy, security concept, implementation and verification of executable code to certified implementation and testing.

For more than 10 years, softScheck has identified zero-day vulnerabilities (unpublished security gaps) and is thus proactively increasing the security level.


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Brainwave is a French software vendor, specializing in identity and access governance. Founded in 2010 by a team of experts in Identity and Access management, Brainwave has developed an innovative software solution to help organizations to manage operational risks related to users and access rights: Brainwave Identity GRC.


g+h netzwerk-design

g+h netzwerk-design


As part of the partnership with g + h netzwerk Design, the FSP distributes the g + h product daccord. Daccord provides a holistic view of internal, external, and former employees and their access to systems in an IT landscape. All protected companies.



IBM Business Partner

FSP is an IBM Business Partner and has thus received an award from IBM. The award "Business Partner" is given only to selected companies that have demonstrated an outstanding IBM solutions technical sales expertise.

Highly qualified employees
An IBM Partner must have a certain number of IBM-certified employees to ensure that customers receive appropriate and effective support in a timely manner. Our staff have excellent knowledge of most of your existing IBM infrastructure and thus can easily customize and extend it.

Direct access to IBM
Your IBM Partner has quick and easy access to a wide range of IBM technical support. This direct access has many advantages for you as a customer of FSP.

Commitment to quality
Highest quality standards are self-evident in every division of an Partner - from sales presentations to technical support.

In short, if you opt for FSP, you can be confident that the right solution with the appropriate product support service will guarantee success.



Membership in the Association BiPRO

The BiPRO eV (Industry initiative process optimization) is a neutral organization of the financial services industry in which insurance companies, distributors and service providers have joined together to optimize enterprise-wide business processes.

We are committed as a BiPRO member to work collaboratively on projects in the development of professional and technical standards. The standardization work of the Association is driven by optimizing the incentives and needs of the member companies. Therefore, BiPro standards always reflect the actual process optimization needs of companies by means of the use of process standards.

Particularly, we are currently involved in BiPro Project "sponsored retirement market processes (MgAV)".



Insurance Forum Leipzig: User-Group E-Business

The user group "e-business in the insurance industry" - the first-time meeting was held in 2004 - has created a permanent cross-border network, that hosts an ongoing exchange of ideas and experiences within this area. The communication between science and practice, as well as between the practitioners themselves is promoted.

In this context, e-business is the shift of previously physical business processes and value-added activities in digital networks such as intranets, extranets or the internet.

The user group considers the use and design options of e-business concepts, solutions and systems from a practical and theoretical perspective in detail. At the working meetings, speakers from the therory and the practice show concepts and reports on experiences with e-business solutions.


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