IT- & Security-Consulting

Our IT consulting staff specialize in linking technologies to replace existing ones or introduce new integrated solutions.
Our experts develop solutions tailored to your needs that still have value tomorrow and are always associated with significant cost savings.

As a certified "IBM AdvancedBusiness Partner", our IT consultants have expertise in IBM development environments (WebSphere and mainframe, Java EE and COBOL). They are available as IT architects or developers with relevant industry background.

Almost any change of your business - whether due to mergers or acquisitions, restructuring or by introducing new products - implies the adjustment of your processes and IT systems.

Over the years, a complex IT architecture that has evolved with a variety of different technologies often requires to be complemented by new technologies of today.

Process models we have mastered:

  • Agile Software Development
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Iterative Software Development
  • Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  • Scrum


Entwicklung komplexer zukunftssicherer Anwendungen:

  • Web-based
    - Ajax
    - Java Server Faces, Rich Faces, Prime Faces
    - FSP Faces (GUI Templates)
  • Rich Clients:
    Swing, Eclipse SWT, NetBeans RCP, MFC
  • Frameworks:
    Hibernate, Spring, EJB3, JMS, Maven, Apache POI, JEP, Axis, Soap, JasperReports, xmlBeans, jQuery
  • Databases:
    IBM DB/2, Oracle, MS SQL-Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Programming languages:
    Java, C, C++, COBOL, HostAssembler, JavaScript
  • Modernization of server applications
  • Application / Webserver (egAs WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, JBoss)
  • WebServices
  • IAM (IBM Tivoli TIM/TAM, LDAP)
  • Automated top layer and unit tests:
    JUnit, DB-Unit, QF-Test
  • Standardized development processes:
    OpenUP, Agile Software Development
  • Connectivity, integration and migration from mainframe applications
  • Integration of Mobile Devices


  • Own products developments (eg. ORG, Auditor)
  • Fixed price projects (eg. Medicproof, Gothaer)
  • Consultancy projects (eg. Finanz Informatik, Generali)
  • Software as a Service (Auditor)

Mainframe Development

Development, maintenance and analysis of complex IBM mainframe applications

  • Cobol, C/C++, PL/1, HLASM
  • SWT01
  • DB2
  • IMS TM und IMS DB
  • CICS
  • UC4


  • Own products (eg. SWT software generators, VDA, ORG)
  • Development and consulting projects in a customer environment:
    - Car Insurance
    - Life insurance, health insurance
    - Accident
    - Partners
    - Sepa
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IT Consulting

  • Architecture Consulting
  • Application and Data Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Custom Software Solutions
  • IT Security
  • Advice within a WebSphere environment