Project Management

Our project managers know how to manage projects within the planned time frame and budget. The required implementation scope, technical and organizational factors as well as the availabilty of resources will always be considered.

We support you in the project planning with all its facets, such as activities, resources, dependencies and organizational planning for active project management and control.

We use goal-oriented tools and understand how important it is to optimize the information and communication processes for the successful completion of projects.

Therefore, we can offer you all the benefits that are required for the successful completion of complex projects; guidance and support of your project all the way through to fiscal management. This applies in particular to such aspects as consulting and coaching in the test process integration as well as Change and Configuration Management of your in-house approach to project management.

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Project Management

  • Setting up of projects
    Creation of estimates and expenditure plans

    Creation of project plans

  • Introduction of a project management process
    How will progress be reported?

    How and when are meetings held?

    Project structure and responsibilities

    Duties, richts and responsibilities of team members

    Escalation paths

    Examples: RUP or XP

  • Controlling
    Monitoring of results
    Risk Analysis
    Carry out acceptance
    Target versus actual analysis