Coupling of Interflex and ORG: Manage all permissons centrally


"The combination of ORG and Interflex unifies our administration processes and makes the authorization management more flexible, faster and more secure." Manfred Merzenich, IT Sicherheitsbeauftrager Gothaer Versicherungen (IT safety commissioner Gothaer insurance company).

The aim of the project was to connect Interflex Access Control with the Identity Management ORG. Contemporaneously, the access rights can be integrated into the group-wide role conception.

Interflex and ORG were placed on a common user and administration base. With illustrating all access-data or Interflex in ORG roles, it was possible to place them on a common user and administration base. The assignment of access permissions (Interflex) to the user can now be completely analogous to the technical permissions, both directly and indirectly.

The indirect mapping includes permissions defined in the authorization management (position, role group ...). The result is a significant increase of the flexibility and unified security architecture.

As the cross-application security system is build up, the decentralization offers the operation across different locations with no downtime.

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