Access Governance Suite: Brainwave's Identity GRC & FSP's ORG - The Access Management


FSP Software & Consulting (Germany) and Brainwave (France) form a full-fledged Access Governance Suite that looks for competitors when it comes to the Management of operational risks related to users and access rights.

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Gartner finds Identity GRC cool: Brainwave's Identity GRC is an identity analytics and intelligence solution. Identity GRC focuses on delivering controls-driven analytics and reporting fed by existing IAM systems. It applies business intelligence principles through a data query, rule and analysis engine and leverages a Web portal for business-user queries and dashboard display. An entitlement ledger can be built to consolidate user, account and entitlement information for use by its other functions.

FSP's Access Management System ORG-The Access Management has the ability to centrally manage and govern complex entitlement rule sets and to render fine grained, attribute based (ABAC) access decisions as well as role information (RBAC). This and many other functions set ORG-The Access Management apart from other access management technologies. The User Administration and multi-platform Provisioning capabilities are outstanding.

Brainwave's Identity GRC solution is planned to be used in order to cover ORG´s governance aspect re-certification. Re-certification enables (e.g. periodical) audits of entitlement content. This way the correct access rights are granted at any time.

Having both tools combined, a full-fledged, cross-platform and tamper and audit proof Access Governance Suite is ready to use.

Brainwave is a French software vendor, specializing in identity and access governance. Founded in 2010 by a team of experts in Identity and Access management, Brainwave has developed an innovative software solution to help organizations to manage operational risks related to users and access rights: Brainwave Identity GRC.

FSP Software & Consulting is a German Software and Consultancy company founded in 2002 with clients mainly in the Financial Services industry. Its services comprise process, organization and technology consultancy. FSP´s Access Management Software ORG-The Access Management has been developed for the strict requirements Insurances and Banks have. It can be used cross-industry.

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