Digitalization: Identity Management for Financial Services Companies


FSP and AdNovum co-operate on the German market. Identity Management is THE infrastructure requirement for the successful implementation of a digitalization strategy.

The identity products of the Swiss company AdNovum already protect web applications of the most financial institutes within the Switzerland. FSP is the thematically appropriate integration and product partner for the German market.

The authentication and authorization products of FSP and AdNovum are a perfect match. Secure authentication using different methods (incl. new passport) and the following authorization (role based and fine grained) are essential.

Due to its profund identity management project experience, FSP is the ideal integration partner for AdNovum and their products in Germany. First common POCs (Proof of concept) for German insurances are already finalized. Projects are started.


Since 2001, FSP from Cologne stands for high quality consulting and software. Leading financial services companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland trust in the services and software of FSP. Well-known companies like Generali, Gothaer and Zurich are some of FSPs customers. They trust FSP in the areas of processes, organization and technology.

In the department of software development, FSP focuses on the area of IT access and authorization mangement. The software ORG, that is focused on requirements of IGA (identity governance and administration), protects intellectual property and critical processes. Even more stringend requirements on access management are covered by ORG (e.g. ABAC, RBAC, re-certification, tamper-proofness).

AdNovum / NEVIS

Renowned companies and government agencies, that need a flexible identity and access management infrastructure, trust in the proven IAM solution NEVIS by AdNovum. NEVIS sets standards according to reliable protection of sensitive data, services, identities, and applications from internal and external threats. The solution is modular and scalable. NEVIS lowers costs through consistent, efficient, and at any time traceable identity management processes. Due to its sophisticated security architecture and the open interface concept, NEVIS implements components and systems easily. So it is possible to provide cost-efficient IT solutions for new business ideas and to protect already executed investments.

NEVIS is a registered product of the swiss software company AdNovum. Since 1988, AdNovum focuses on the realization of customized business software and security solutions for companies and government agencies. The services include consulting, maintenance service, and support. Today, 450 employees in Zürich, Bern, Budapest, Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt, and Singapur supervise customers around the world.

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