NEVIS Training


Further FSP employess were trainined during a three-day training in the product NEVIS.

FSP is integration and sales partner of the Swiss software company AdNovum. Their Security Suite NEVIS already protects web applications of most Swiss financial institutions. First NEVIS projects in Germany are already being conducted with the support of FSP. Additional projects are planned.

Web authentication and identity management are essential for digitalization projects of German financial services and other business sectors. FSP that is specialized in Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides competent support for digitalization projects in Germany. Trainings and experiences of projects keep us fit.

NEVIS Training
NEVIS Training
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"Germany, with its high quality and security standards, is an ideal market for NEVIS. We are pleased to have won FSP and mgm as strong partners for our German customers.”

AdNovum CEO Chris Tanner