Generali Deutschland - is committed to digitalisation at NEVIS


With Generali Deutschland AG, the management holding company of the second largest primary insurer in the German market, another large company is investing in NEVIS.

The security suite NEVIS is a central component of the digitization strategy of Generali Deutschland. As a first application, the Central RechnungsApp was put into operation by the end of 2015 in close cooperation with the company FSP GmbH from Cologne.

With the Central RechnungsApp, customers of Central Krankenversicherung AG can submit their doctor's and dentist's medical records online with the smartphone. You will then receive an input confirmation and status information for editing on your device. The prerequisite for the mobile service application is that the invoices have 2-D bar codes printed for scanning. This is currently the case for all invoices from the private medical centers (PVS). Already around 40,000 doctors and dentists are participating in the procedure of the PVS, and more and more are added. The customers receive an acknowledgment of receipt and status information for processing their invoices.

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