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NEXIS Controle

The leading Identity and Role Analytics Solution for Business and IT.

What is controle?

Experience the industry-leading identity analytics and modeling platform aimed at companies looking for total control of their entitlements and business roles. Controle brings IT analysts and business experts together to collaborate on achieving secure entitlement management. The best thing is: It works with all IAM systems, directories, applications, or databases.

Meeting your needs.

High user adoption only occurs if your identity analytics solution supports the key roles in your company. Controle is a powerful platform designed to connect people. While IT security professionals, IT administrators, and IAM staff get all the analytic functionalities, non-technical users interact via simple task-oriented interfaces to ensure the perfect user experience for everyone.

NEXIS Function

The fastest way to build business roles.

Controle is built on an academically certified and practically approved methodology for role modeling and maintenance. Our smart algorithms visualize your data and automatically generate role candidates depending on your business needs. After approval, the roles can easily be used where you need them and ongoing maintenance and recertification can be executed out-of-the-box using our powerful workflow engine.

NEXIS Architektur

1. Intuitive top-down and bottom-up role engineering
Most tools use lists to display content. Controle combines and transforms your raw data into smart access privilege visualizations. This is easy to understand: With its intuitive visual role modeling approach, Controle empowers you to easily create dynamic and static roles based on your employees´ attributes like job function or office location. Where others start to model roles, you are already done with the job!

2. Confirm your roles - Involve the Business guys.
In order to confirm your business roles, you are going to require feedback from the business guys. Unfortunately, those business colleagues often do not speak IT. Luckily, Controle is the perfect translator: We use smart visualizations and wizard technology instead of harassing your colleagues with IT stuff and data they do not care about. We even provide different competency levels for your experts to further simplify their work.

3. Implement the roles in the productive environment - Ship the roles to your IAM.
After you designed and approved your roles, you can deliver them to your IAM system easily with our various built-in data formats. We integrate with every IAM solution available in the market so that you do not have to worry about technical data synchronisation issues and can focus on the role modeling tasks.

4. Recertify and optimize your roles - Maintain your roles.

You are scared that your roles outdate over time and you have to re-do all the analysis work? We are aware of this challenge and provide powerful workflows and project management functionality in Controle, especially designed for detecting necessary role updates. This way, you can easily handle hundreds or thousands of roles with minimum overhead.

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